Cloud CRM: The ultimate tool for your business

With the ever increasing fierce competition in the business world, it is mandatory for every business that wishes to survive to retain their existing customers while attracting prospective ones.

Cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool that helps to identify, pursue and manage valuable customer relationships which help to keep your business moving and growing.

Because of the need for constant fine tuning of the way you relate and manage your clients, integrating Cloud CRM software into your workflow process to gather important metrics on your client behavior is vital.

Therefore if you wish to take your business to greater heights, there is a need for you to integrate cloud CRM software in it.

Here are a few great Cloud CRM tools to consider:

  1. Peneza.com

Peneza.com is a web-based CRM software which carefully manages customer relationships and also helps to nurture prospects by maintaining their detailed historical data. This can be used at any time to improve marketing outcome. Some examples of features that will help you, are shown below:

  • Complete automated marketing and sales process
  • Peneza.com Reporting feature that will quickly provide you useful charts.
  • Full process view to conveniently integrate all critical business tools and application.


  1. Salesforce

This is an on-demand cloud based CRM which offers a wide range of applications for both small and big organizations.

Salesforce is focused on bolstering sales and support; it supports social media interactions and contact management through two applications namely Chatter and Outlook.

Social media collaboration across the enterprise is made possible through the Chatter while Outlook enables the users to synchronize emails, calendar of events and contacts.

  1. Agiliron

This is a great example of a CRM that is easily customized with the front-end office modules to ensure real-time sales management, order, and customer support.

Decide which Cloud CRM tool is the right choice for your business and integrate it to optimize customer retention in a highly competitive business environment.